Name: Ben
Age: 17
Location: Wales, UK
Contact: @applesareperfection

About me:
I’m a 17 year old, welsh trans guys. I work full time at a hairdressers because i dropped out of college because it was too boring. 

I enjoy music, films, collecting old photos/postcards/books from the 1800’s to the 1900’s. I like painting, crocheting, and binge watching gore and body horror movies. I love piercings and tattoos.

Favourite music/books/films/tv shows:
I’m into so much music, but recently i’ve been listening to different bands from the 60’s-70s, such as Faces (my favourite band), Jeff Beck Group, Fuzzy Duck, EMO etc.
Books: anything about serial killers, cannibals, ghosts, the paranormal, ufo’s and the extra terrestrial.
Films: I’m a HUGE film junkie so I wont even get into that.
TV Shows: Friends, American Horror Story, Most Haunted, Top Gear.

What i’m looking for in a penpal: 
Someone between the ages of 16-19, lgbt friendly,shares same interests, ready to start snail mail straight away. Someone who will exchange gifts such as helping each other find things we collect, like in my case old photos.

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