About Me: My name is Katelyn! I’m 18, I live in the US, I speak English fluently and a little bit of everything else, and I love reading, writing, singing, and playing instruments I’m terrible at playing. I’ll listen to any music I can get my hands on, but my favorites include Owl City and Panic! At The Disco. I’m big into Netflix, like the rest of Tumblr. There’s always more stuff I like, so don’t be surprised if I make you a scarf or a letter I write is in calligraphy.

Perffect Penpal: Male (I just don’t tend to get along with girls), age 16 or over, must be a reader and open to reading the books I suggest, I promise I’ll even provide them if book exchange/gifting is an option. I need someone who is not a conservative, because I’m not looking for a political debate. I’m looking for someone to talk to. English speaker!

Thanks! Email me at 10061996kg@gmail.com or on tumblr. My url is letsjustwritebooks.

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