Name: Roxette
Age: 17
Gender: Female (obviously, lol)
Country: Philippines
Language: Filipino … but i can speak English.

Interests: I play GTA San Andreas, SAMP, CS:Source, Slenderman:Eight Pages, etc. (too many to mention) I play online games also. I love reading, i write stories on wattpad, nature, food, sleeping. Favorite color is black and white. I love creepypasta. Interested in Slenderman etc. I love horror movies. Anime, manga, nintendo, architecture, animals, science, cars, weird stuff, Steven Universe, Minecraft, youtube, Markiplier, Pewdipie.

Music: Foster the People, ACDC, Green Day, Owl City, American Authors, Hot Chelle Rae, Simple Plan, OneRepublic, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Filipino music, Jack Johnson, Rock music, The All-American Rejects Imagine Dragons, Cold Play, Train, Black Eye Peas.

Dislikes: People who disrespectful, judge mental, social climbers, gold diggers and people who write me short messages.

My ideal penpal: Someone who maybe has some of the same interests as me and someone who can keep a conversation going. Gender doesn’t matter as long as you’re 17-19 and from a different country.

Please do send me an email. I hope to hear from you.
Facebook: or

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