Name? Christina

Age: 19..almost 20.

Location: LA, U.S, North America, Earth, Milky Way

About Me: I’m weird. I don’t mind not talking, but when I do talk I can’t put a cork in it! I’m random, i can be gentle but i also be a bit loony. I’m a college student majoring in… well it doesn’t really matter because i keep changing it. I love history, the arts, biology, cooking, and gardening. I love babies, toddlers, and old people.. teenagers sometimes confuse me. The last 9 months can be summarized as trying to accept myself and moving forward!  

Likes: I like K-Pop (korean culture too), sunny days with cool breezes, but I also love when it rains, stuffed animals, and family. 

Dislike: People who can’t see beyond the outer layer. Those who hate without valid reason. Others who hate progress or accepting of others! Mushrooms and Flying Cockroaches 

Who I’m Looking For: Age? 17-30 though i don’t really know!  Gender? Male, Female, Other 🙂 A Pen Pal in Snail Mail!

Fun Fact: I dye/cut my own hair as well as my sisters, mom, and friends hair in my salon Le Baño (the bathroom!)


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