Hello, poppets!

I’m Kylee, I am 15 and i live in the USA (pacific North West)

It would be nice to have someone with similar interests as mine such as music (i like the orwells, buddy holly, the white stripes, the strokes, the pixies, bleeding knees club, the beach boys, animals, the black keys, and the doors but it doesn’t matter if you like those bands as long as you have a similar appreciation for music)

I’m in a band with some of my friends and i scrape two leaves together rhythmically (but the band is really ironic so its okay) 

i really love literature, mostly poetry (but like not the pretentious poetry) i mostly read it unless I’m writing to submit my work somewhere. My favorite story is the offshore pirate by F Scott Fitzgerald and/or the half blood prince in the harry potter series.

I love art and performance art pieces. My favorite artist is Alyssa Monks because i like the way she paints women behind screens of water! 

I have 7 dogs, three rabbits, ducks/chickens, two full size quarter horses, three mini ponies (a mom, dad and baby) and a cat. 

I’m really sorry to non English speakers but English is the only language i’m able to speak at the moment.

I don’t care where you’re from as long as you’re cool and sweet! 

my email:

my tumblr inbox at

my kik: daisy2027 (im sorry its so white, i made it in the seventh grade)


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