Pen pal submission
Name: Liz
15, female.

About Me: I live in Kailua, Hawaii (USA). I’m homeschooled so this gives me a lot of time to write letters. I would like to do either snail mail or emails.

I am in many fandoms, the biggest being: Harry Potter, Marvel, Lotr and Doctor Who. I love the musicals Les Mis and Sweeney Todd. I do speech and policy debate, I would love if I could talk to a fellow speech/ debater, I’m an amateur artist, I mostly draw fandom stuff. I do a lot of cosplay even though there are almost no conventions here. I enjoy making my own props and materials. I’m an ENTJ, according to the test, I don’t not know much about Myers Briggs but would be interested in learning more about it. I am looking for a female pen pal and I only speak English.

Likes: My Catholic faith ( I will not force anything on you but if you have any questions about it I will do my best to answer them), fandoms, speech/debate, cosplay and art.

Dislikes: Receiving super short letters, swearing, people telling me they, “Don’t read.”

Fun Fact: I just finished Les Mis the book. It’s over 1000 pages but wow, it was great.

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