Name: Kyrstin

Age: 17

Country: Indiana, USA

About Me: I’m currently a junior at my local high school but will be a senior in a matter of a couple months. In school I am an avid member of my International Thespian Society troupe (#7436) and stage manage for our productions.  In the near future, I intend to study to become a professional stage manager and earn my PhD (just so I can be called Dr.). I’m an absolute nerd who spends way to much time fantasizing about the world and it’s beauty.

Likes:  Finding new music to listen to,  watching way to much Netflix,  nerding out about Harry Potter, Sherlock, and Doctor Who,  sunbathing in the hot sun, drinking tea, sunrise, writing tales for lonely hearts, reading stories which fill my heart with wonder,  and wandering the earth in its magnificence. 
Dislikes: bugs that buzz in my ear, the cold, close minded people, scratchy clothes,  and my frizzy hair

What I’m Looking For: Anyone who is open to deep conversation and the craziness of my mind. It could be someone from any country (although I speak only English and a tiny bit of German), male or female, and someone around the age of my own. I’d like to email and Skype and maybe even send letters.

Contact Info:

Email: kyrstin.kocher16 @ outlook. com 

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