(this is a picture of me freezing to death while attempting to look decent and control my emotions of being in the wonderful city of paris)

Hello everybody, my name is Eliana or Ellie for short, I’m almost 21 years old and I’m from Argentina, down in ol’ South America.

I find it really hard to write down my interests since pretty much everything interests me. I’m one of those people who is really eager to listen to any story anybody has to offer, since I’ve recently discovered that one of my favorite things is just learning about people and their way of looking at life.

I spend most of time drinking tea and eating abnormally large amounts of chocolate, reading in the sun, crying because of my love for astronomy and dogs, and wishing that I was wandering through a new city with my camera and notebook.

I would love to e-mail or “snail mail” or however you guys decide to call the good old days’ way of communicating and sharing stories.

Really looking forward to talking about everything that’s in this little head of ours, reach me on my tumblr butyouweresmilingsomehow.tumblr.com


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