Name: Mae

Age: 15

Location: The Netherlands

Likes: Art, watching TV shows and anime, punk and indie music but also one direction oops, adventures, cats, the smell (and taste?) of vanilla, baking, cycling, fashion, Walt Disney, books (English literature?), languages, tea, surprises, learing about all the different countries, taking pictures.

Dislikes: Misogynism, racism, tomatoes, stupid people, being bored, stress, people who never read.

What am I looking for?: I am looking for someone aged 13-17, preferably female, from anywhere in the world, to whom I can send snail mail. I really like making my mail to you look as pretty as possible and I always attach cute little things such as drawings and selfmade stickers. I’d love if you did the same. People who are interested in art and books are my kind of people, I love discussing those. I also like discussing what’s going on in the world right now. I don’t expect very long letters from you, but if you like writing pages full, go ahead! Just make it look pretty <3

Contact: Please leave a message in my Tumblr ask box,

Random fact: My mum wants to follow me on Instagram but I blocked her.

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