Looking for pen pals! *^*


Hi, my name is Joshua, I’m 17 from the United Kingdom and I’m looking for friends/Pen Pals.

I posted before but didn’t get the response(s) I was hoping for so I’m going to try again and hope I find some more people to become friends with.

Generally I’m looking for someone who want’s to talk alot, someone who will send me letters but will also be available to talk a lot via kik or some other form of messaging app idk lol.


I’m pretty open minded so I’m interested in a lot of things.

Music – I just love music In general, I listen to whatever I like the sound of;

some examples: Three days grace, The 1975, The Weeknd, 21 Pilots, Childish Gambino (yes I know it’s hella 

Anime *^*: I love anime, I watch it way too much tbf, my favourite series are: Anohana, Fairy Tale, One Piece (Still Watching), Death Note, Tokyo Ghoul.

Gaming – I have a PS4, but I mainly play PC (I’m also really into YouTube)

idk what else to say, but please hmu I need friends lmao ;-;

Me (lol)

me lel.

Kik: lonely.fml

Insatgram: S.hameful

Tumblr: foodorafk

( I’ll add you on snapchat and skype too when we start talking )

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