hi, I’m Maria:) i live in North Carolina, USA. I am 20 years old. 

I love the outdoors and being with nature. I’m a very open minded person. I love reading and writing. I want to be a writer someday. I am working at a sweepstakes now but I’ll be back in school in August but that won’t affect my time for friends/penpals. 

I recently lost contact with one pen pal because she is moving from NY to Canada. So I’d like to make new friends that will hopefully last longer. 🙂  i have a boyfriend so i ask for girls only. I dont care about what religion, orientation, political belief, or anything that someone may think i would judge them on. I’m open minded and bi sexual even though I’m taken so do not fear this is a judgement free zone. I just want to make some new friends and learn about different cultures or life styles because you can learn something from everyone. 🙂

Contact –

murkingeorge @ yahoo. com


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