Name: Ryan
Age: 21
Nationality: Irish, living in Scotland.
Hobbies: Dog walking, taking long naps, cooking and there’s not much time for anything else as I’m at work most of the week.

I’m hoping to learn French. Not for an exam, I’ll never have a test in my life. I’d just like to be able to speak a second language. I’ve been to Paris once before and I’ve been to Canada twice.

I’ve done a lot of travelling and I’ll be doing a lot more. Not everyone can speak English so I’m hoping that being able to speak a bit of French could give me an advantage.

I’m not looking for a tutor, rather someone to get to know who can speak a bit of French and would be happy to teach me a bit of it. I’m more concerned about how well you can speak French rather than age. So anyone from 16-100 should be fine 🙂

If you’re interested, my email address is

I hope to hear from you

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