Name: Michealla (but you can call me Micki, if you want)

Location: Maryland, U.S.A.

Age: 16 (but I will be 17 in like, 3 weeks)

Likes: bands, snail mail, traveling, camping, old things, vinyls, walks, musicals, music, new people, friends (even though I don’t have too many), VW Caravan buses and bugs from the 60s and 70s, coffee, books, making YouTube videos, taking photos, dogs, Smallville, American Horror Story, boots, sweaters, fall, and all things cozy. Did I already say bands?

Dislikes: homophobes, Maryland, rap music, short socks, the color yellow, when the wire in your bra impales you, ignorant people, people who put others down, being sad, etc.

What I Am Looking For: I am looking for anyone preferably ages 15-18 and possibly with some of the same likes as me? I guess it doesn’t really matter what gender or sexuality. Just that you are kind and you would be willing to form a friendship with me. Not just something that lasts for a few weeks or something. 🙂

You can be from anywhere, just know that I can only speak English. I like to do snail mail, but I’d be down for email buddies. (I’m kind of poor right now, so maybe we could email for a bit and do snail mail later on when I do have money? If you want, that is. We could totally be just email buddies.)

Random Fact: I want to one day travel to all of the states in the U.S. in an old VW bus the old fashion way. With maps. I hope to do it with a future boyfriend/husband.

My email: ThatDisneyWeirdo @ gmail . com

Oh. And my mom is kinda overprotective, so she makes me get a video from someone I want to be pen pals with to confirm they are who they say they are. If you send me a video- it doesn’t have to be right away- my mom will be okay with us talking. I would send one back to prove I am who I say I am, too. I know how much it sucks to find out you’re talking to someone who is lying about who they are.

Have a good day/night. 🙂

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