Hiya my name is Tracey, I am 20 years old and I live in the UK. I am currently looking for a pen pal, any location is fine and within the ages of 18 – 24. I don’t mind what gender and I am open to anything. I would also like a pan pal that will do an culture exchange, so we can exchange things like sweets and little gifts :c. I am currently studying for my final university exams, I am studying Public Health at university and I am in my first year 

Likes : I enjoy reading and listening to music. My music taste can range from Avenged Sevenfold and Slayer to Lana Del Ray and Lorde and even to Grimes. My favourite authors are John Green and Malorie Blackman, my favourite book of all time has to be the Deceleration by Gemma Malley. My favourite animals are giraffes and hedgehogs. I also love pasta, cheese and olives. I have an unhealthy obsession with custard. I love it so much, its unreal. * munching on a custard cream while typing this* I love Disney films, Studio Ghibili films, The Dark Knight Trilogy. My favourite TV programmes is *coughs* Neighbours and Home & Away *coughs* I literally love Australia and I hope to visit there soon. In the future I hope to live in the States with my long distance boyfriend.  
Dislikes: homophobic (I am bisexual) and racist people, spiders, small spaces and large crowds.
Fact about me: I can play the flute, I have never been to a concert and I use to have a pet goat.
I don’t mind either snail mail or e mail, as long as you stay in touch, I have had penpals in the past who just have ignored me or don’t put in the effort.

My tumblr is : wi-tchcraft.tumblr.com – feel free to leave me a message :}

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