A Simple Hello Can Lead To A Million Things


Hi everyone!

My name is Milly, I live in Australia, and I’m sixteen (almost, my birthday is on Sunday). I’ve followed this blog for a while, and have gotten in contact with several awesome people, but I thought I may as well put myself out there and see who else I can meet. I’m open to talking to anyone, no matter what race, gender, sexual orientation or anything else! But if you’re going to make sexist, racist or homophobic comments, then I’d have to say I’m not your ideal pen pal.

So I guess I should explain a little about me, but it’s really hard!! I’ll let you know a lot more once we talk, it’s just weird to list your own attributes, so sorry if I sound like a weirdo! I’m a singer/songwriter and have played guitar since I was eight years old. I love any music, my iTunes library goes from Ed Sheeran to Nirvana to Hilltop Hoods, so I’m totally up for any music discussions! I also love reading, and am currently reading the Harry Potter series for the first time. I know, took me forever, but I’m loving it now!!

My friends all say I’m a great advice giver, so I’m happy to listen to your problems, but I’m also looking for someone that I can confide in as well. That being said though, if you just want to have less deep discussions, I’m happy to just small talk with you.

 I’m only looking for email friends at the moment, and my email is ekeogh99@gmail.com  .

Hope to hear from you soon!!


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