hey my name is Polina i am 16 and live in Russia!
my interests include drawing, manga, comics, stupid tv shows, homestuck, anime, cartoons like steven universe and gravity falls, animals, cosplaying, watching youtubers like pewdiepie and markiplier, norse mythology, languages, other cultures and mystical stuff!
 i want to make more internet friends from around the world so don’t be scared to talk to me! hahaha
i don’t mind how you look like, what gender or age you are. (if you are not cis then please tell me what you identify yourself as)
you are beautiful the way you are!
i speak russian (native) and english (it’s terrible as you can see haha)
i want to learn as much languages as i can! especially swedish, german, italian and maybe japanese

contact info:
instagram: foam_sea
email: circleofwonder
also you can contact me on tumblr

i am interested in snail mail but email me first please!
if you want just email that is great too!

p.s.: if you are homophobic, a sexist or racist then don’t contact me please.

i hope to hear from you soon! <З
have a good day!

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