Name: Ashley Twenter
Age: 17
Country: US (Washington State)

About Me:
I love reading and writing! I am also a huge fan of all types of art, although I don’t have very much artistic talent myself. Though I haven’t traveled much yet, I would love to explore the world someday soon. I am very much still close with my inner child; stick me in Disneyland and I might actually transform back into a six year old! I’m into trying new things and gaining new experiences (which is a reason I’m on here!). I would love to have a pen pal who I could send letters/fun little packages too!

What I’m “looking for”:
I’m open to many different types of people, let me start by saying that. I love meeting new people and learning about new things, however I’m also interested in people that are similar to me, so don’t be shy no matter what! I would prefer to talk to someone around my age (16-18ish) and think it would be so cool to be able to meet someday if we become friends (which hopefully we will!).

Languages: English, some Hungarian and French

Fun Fact: My mom is from Hungary but I’ve never been there! If you’re from Hungary it could be super cool if I could talk to you! Maybe I could even practice some of my broken Hungarian with you (haha I’m still trying to learn!)!

If you’re interested in getting to know me feel free to email me!

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