I don’t always pen pal, but when I do…


Hey! It’s Tera here 🙂 Just this ordinary (not really haha) 16 year old high-schooler. I live in Canada but I’m this weird 5’10 asian girl that likes to laze around and experience new things/take up new interests!

My Interests/Hobbies:

  •  Anime
  • Game of Thrones
  • Drawing
  • 9GAG
  • Indie/Pop/Country/Classical/House Music (Very opened tastes)
  • Video Games (MMORPG’s)
  • Youtubers! (Nigahiga, Jenna Marbles, Pewdiepie…etc.)
  • Swimming/Jogging/Biking
  • Movies/ Reading (Fantasy, Horror, Thriller, Action…etc)

These are just a FEW otherwise this list would take up a whole page! 

I don’t have an ideal pen pal but just someone to talk to and share interests/life experiences/stories with would be awesome. Snail mail would be cool to exchange letters and stuff with 🙂

Contact: rozacelin@gmail.com

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