Name: Sara
Age: 19 (20 in october)
Gender: Female
Languages: English,italian and arabic
Interests/Hobbies: i love shopping, going out with my friends, cycling when there’s a good weather, drawing characters of anime and cartoons. I like to try new kinds of food.
Personal message: I’d like to trevel the world ith my future job. I’m studying engeneering, fist year. It’ a bit weary, but interesting. It’d be cool to say :“ yeah i’m an engeneer!”.

I have arabic orign, that’s why i speak arabic if anyone was interested.

I’m not judmental or pessimist so feel free to ask me anything and i will answer you sincerely 🙂 and try always to cheer you up, it orks with my friends!

Also i am that kind of person that says the truth without a lot of words, but after tries to help in anyway because there’s a solution for every problem! 

Hope to hear from you, do not be shy and contact if you’re interested 🙂

Contact info (email or Tumblr): this is my email

About the penpal/s I’m looking for- I’m looking for new friends actually, someone who would enjoy talking and replying emails/letters not taking a long time. ope to know some nice persons.
Countries: UK WOULD BE THE BEST, BUT any other country is super ok!
Gender: any
Age group:19-25
Email, snail mail or both:i’d  like to talk ith email at the beginning so we can know each other and then snail mails would be fantastic :))

Anything else: I’m the one in the MIDDLE IN THAT PHOTO.

Have a nice day,

Sara 🙂

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