Perfect Pen Pal: Anyone who is willing to just talk about anything


Name: Diamond

Gender: Female

Age: 16 (Turning 17 in October)

I enjoy baking, playing sports, watching movies/TV shows, music, laughing and goofing around majority of my time.
 Some of my favorite TV shows include: Shameless, Bob’s Burgers(actually anything on adult swim), American Horror Story, Veep, Silicon valley and OITNB. Also, I listen to and enjoy all kinds/types of music genres it really just depends on my mood though :).
  Fun facts: I love the Wes Anderson and all of his movies that I’ve seen so far, I sometimes think that I’m a good artist and attempt at recreating random drawings I find, my true passion in life is computer programming, I think it’s truly fascinating, I love learning new languages, I enjoy learning about other people’s zodiac signs(don’t worry, I don’t overdue it like most ppl),and finally laughing, I love to laugh and I love when other people succeed at actually making laugh, and not forcing me to use my fake laugh :).
   Perfect Pen Pal: Anyone who is willing to just talk about anything, like deep conversations or even just nonsense, doesn’t really matter to me. I don’t mind where you’re from, just as long as we can create a lasting friendship and maybe even visit each other sometime in the future. 
If you’re interested in becoming my pen pal, you can message me through my Tumblr or email adress

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