Hi, Just looking for some snail mail penfriends. 🙂

Hey I’m Maddie. I am 16, turning 17 in August and I’m Australian!

I love making friends all over the world and learning about them and their cultures. I prefer writing long letters because it feels more personal and there’s more to talk about. It’s like telling a story. I am looking for snail mail pen pals between to the ages of 15 to 18. I can speak some German, but not fluently. I’m going to continue on learning German. I’ll be happy to learn other languages too!

The three interests that I love are art, film and music. Anything to do with art I like such as architecture, vintage (especially fashion) sketching and photography. I am a film fanatic. I enjoy watching old a new films. In the past, I have made videos, but right now, I am focusing on the technical aspect and film history. I also love listening to my vinyl records. I think music in sounds better on vinyl. My favourite artists and bands are Lana Del Rey, Coldplay and The Kooks.

Other interests include fitness (I have played sports before), cooking, reading (I like to explore books stores and vintage stores to see what treasures I can find.) and travelling. I hope to travel the world one day. I don’t want to just stay in one place.

I dislike people who enforce their opinion on others and judge other people. 

Here’s my email if you want to be pen friends. Have a nice day!  

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