Name: Jenny

Age: 28

Country: US currently in Nashville, TN

Gender: Female

Languages: English, French

Interests/Hobbies: Literature, film, theatre and music- plus loads of other things you’ll find out when we become besties.

Personal message
: I am a working fashion and art model and actress and a writer and music critic living in Nashville, TN. (I actually do these things for a living) I would love to meet other creative people from all over the world. I had a pen pal about 15 years ago who is still one of my closest and most meaningful friendships, and I’m interested in forming more cosmopolitan friendships with more fascinating people. Feel free to reach out!

Contact info:
Herlifeondisplay @

Instagram/Twitter: thejennybones

About the penpal/s I’m looking for-

  • Countries: any/all- just keep in mind I speak English & French, only.
  • Gender: any/all
  • Age group: Preferably 18+, but I would be open to a teen pen pal if they were an aspiring model, actor, writer or musician
  • Languages: English, French 
  • Looking for: pen pals (snail mail), art, package or culture exchange, email correspondence

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