Ok, usually I suck at things like ADs or describing myself but here we go … I think XD
Name: Sarah
Age: 23 (turning 24 in one week and a half :P)
Location: Norway (when summer- and christmas break are around I’m in Germany) 

Likes: I love photography, writing and reading these three things are my biggest hobbies. Anime and manga. Ghibli movies and Disney/Pixar and Dreamworks movies. Animals. Light. Rain and Summer. Music. History. Colors. DiY. Decorating and redecorating my room. Notebooks. Stationary. Food, I love cooking and baking and eating what I make!. Languages. Literature and Culture. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings. The Hobbit. Working out. 
Dislikes: I don’t know. I’m pretty tolerant and can get along with most people. I just don‘t like rude and arrogant people and people that think they are something better. Not being organized, also my room is always messy 😛 . People that promise stuff and don’t keep the promises! My computer not working the way I want it to do! xD 

That’s pretty much about it xD The likes got so out of hand, sorry. I’m looking for someone between 18 – 25 years old, any gender works! I don’t care where you live, everywhere is fine! I really would like to get a pen pal for snail mail! But email buddyart pals are fine too! For the art pal, I can say as much as this, I can try xD Please be someone that sends letters or writes regularly 😉

Contact: tumblr :

Fun fact (?): I speak both german, norwegian and english

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