Name: Emma


Location: Some tiny village in the North West of the UK

Emails: heismybabylon @

As you have probably worked out by now, I’m on here searching for a pen pal, someone i can really connect with. I dont want to start writing to someone, only for them to disappear after a few letters. Age, location, gender, religion, anything like that, doesnt really matter to me at all. I just want someone i can connect with. I recently quit my job, and have a hell of a lot of free time on my hands before i start college in September, so why not have a pen pal! 

So, a little about me. Like i mentioned above, I live in a seriously small village made up of nothing but churches and old folk. When I can, i escape to my boyfriends flat as he lives in a city pretty far away. The only plus to a tiny village, is the fact that I have plenty of places to ride my horses, frankie and benny (I didnt choose the names) 

I like animals, a lot. A new addition to my family is my baby corn snake, Winston. Once again, I didnt pick the name. Blame my sister. Im a huge Supernatural fan. The TV show and the phenomenon. I actually recently just blew my savings on a supernatural tattoo. I love tattoos, I have three at the moment, and once i find a new job, more will be on their way! 

My music taste changes a lot, most of the time im listening to things like BVB, BMTH and ADTR, but I also love things like Angus and Julia Stone, and I have a secret obsession with Taylor Swift. Video games make up a huge part of my life, but i do prefer a lot of the older ones. I have a huge Kingdom Hearts obsession, and my other two tattoos are dedicated to that. I sound like such a nerd. 

I read an awful lot, and also play Magic the Gathering, if thats your thing, definitely hit me up! I dont know many people who play that!

Anyway, Ive realized that this is getting pretty long winded now! But! If youve reached the end of this, and you think we’d be a good match, please send me a message! 

Thank you<3

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