hello! my name is madeline. i am 17 years old and live in oregon, usa.

likes: summer, writing, reading, music, horses, friendly people, travel, adventures, art, words, feminism, leather jackets, records, thrift shops.

dislikes: rude people, homophobia/sexism/racism.

favorite tv shows: sherlock, orange is the new black, once upon a time, new girl (i haven’t finished the last three though).

favorite movies: spirit: stallion of the cimarron, the great gatsby, now you see me, the breakfast club, the new cinderella, both the 1995 and the 2005 pride and prejudice.

favorite books: harry potter, audacious by gabrielle prendergast, any of john green’s books.

favorite music: fall out boy, walk the moon, american authors, green day, queen, ac/dc, the beatles.

i only speak english but would love to learn a new language, preferably a european one such as french or german!

i am open to all genders/sexualities! i only ask that you have the same mindset. there is no room for homophobia/transphobia here.

i would like to talk to someone around my own age, about 16-18 years old.

unfortunately right now i can only talk through email/skype, but eventually i would love to send handwritten letters and little packages as well!


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