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Hey guys  my name is Suhain, im 18 years old and live somewhere in Texas (me trying not to give too much away yet.) i speak both English and Spanish which also means i can read and write, but my Spanish writing skills suck a bit sorry. ive only had one pen pal years ago through school and it was so fun so why not do it all over again. 

interests: books, photography, adventures and movies. whoa books are my favorite thing in the world id love to be given book recommendations so if you’re a big reader im you’re girl. Music im open too but my favorite band is Fall Out Boy oh and The 1975. I have yet too find adventure but when the time comes ill be ready. Movies all kinds but im pretty obsessed with Jurassic Park all 3 well 4 now you could say because Jurassic World is the bomb.

Perfect pen-pal: ages 15-21 would be awesome. Know that im not picky i love making new friends no matter gender or race and all that. Im no artist but when it comes to photography expect some pictures in the envelope along with the letter. Lets see someone who can share with me a little or a lot about their life. Someone who wont mind sending me things they love like a dried up flower or a simple photo, little packages with random things inside id surely do the same. Someone who will just write back to me and is friendly.

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