Name: Fi
Age: 19 
Location: The Netherlands

Alrighty, if there’s one thing I’m bad at its ads lol BUT HERE WE GO.

I love music! From metal to pop I’m game. Whatever sounds nice to me I’ll listen to. (I’m totally down for artist recs). I sing a lot and I used to make my own songs, but thats on halt for now. When it comes to fav artists all ya need to know is ToppDogg. They’re my all time fav, but other artists I listen a lot to are f.e Nightwish, Loreen, Alexander Rybak, A9, Yousei Teikoku, Imogen Heap, Linkin Park, etcetcetc I took some liking into Hotshot n UNIQ as well!

I also like playing video games, drawing, writing, sleeping,,,,,,,,,,etc

I think I shouldnt give everything away haha (im also a huge mythology nut)

I’m looking for penpals/snail mail from anywhere tho I gotta say I prefer people from outside of the US since I got lots of US penpals already ;; Gender doesnt matter! Age 18+ at least tho 

I love writing long letters so if you’re into that AY im ur guy

If you wanna write you can contact me here: http://godpot.tumblr.com/

Hope to write with you soon! = w =

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