hey hello my names aylish, im an 18 year old nonbinary person sometimes, girl person other times. im from the second smallest state in the USA, delaware. 

im into insects, outer space, youth culture, thrifting, oddities, dinosaurs, and politeness. 

i dislike people who are rude to their waitress/waiter. 

i’m looking for a snail mail pen pal! i used to have a few, but i just moved so i had to stop for a little while to focus on everything. we’re all moved in now, and i have cute stationery so i want to get back into sending letters. i like to include little drawings, pieces of art, stickers, and photographs in my letters, too! 

i am sadly a product of the american education system and i only speak english besides some VERY weak french, so id prefer to write to someone who was fluent. but if someone wanted to practice writing letters in english to me, i wouldnt be opposed!

you can contact me here on tumblr:

and a small random fact uhhhhhh im 18 and i have only ever really dated one person

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