Snail mail!



My name is Janna, I’m 16 years old and from Germany. To be more specific: from the north, also known as the boring part without the pretzels and beer…. here we have cows, fields and miles of nothing.

I like drawing, writing, chocolate, playing computer games, cute stuff, politics, travelling and my true passion: watching movies and TV-shows. (and much more stuff)

– Parks and Rec.
– Sherlock
– Doctor Who
– Game of Thrones
– Hannibal

– The Rocky Horror Picture Show
– Guardians of the Galaxy
– V for Vendetta
– Iron Man
– Avengers (Marvel basically)

I dislike: homophobia, sexism, racism and basically intolerant people

If you want to know anything about my humor here’s my tumblr:

I’m looking for a long term snail mail pen pal, who shares some of the things I mentioned above and can hold a conversation 🙂 You should be around my age, but gender or location doesn’t matter!

If you’re interested just write me and e-mail and include some stuff about yourself, please!

P.S.: with me and my awesomeness are coming some grammar mistakes! (but I always try to make them less ;))

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