HI! My name is Arianna (Ari) and I am 16 years old living in New York, USA! I’m currently seeking a pen pal to exchange cute little things with along with letters. I’m open to email and or snail mail, but snail mail preferably! Here are a few things about me!

I am fluent in English and can speak basic Spanish and Ukrainian. Although I live in New York, it is not New York City (though I wish it was) just an average size town in the suburbs of NY(:

I enjoy taking pictures, spending time with my family, learning about psychology, spending time outdoors (I love horseback riding, going to the beach, exploring different places), watching netflix in my spare time, and listening to music!

My favorite TV shows are, Orange is the new black, One tree hill, gossip girl, parenthood, american horror story, and many more that I’m probably forgetting!

A few of my favorite movies are, The Blind Side, The Great Gatsby, The Pursuit of Happiness, Remember Me and again probably many more that I am forgetting lol! 

What I’m looking for in a pen pal:

Gender: Doesn’t matter

Age: Preferably any where from 15-19

Location: Doesn’t matter, I want to travel to many places when I get older!

I’m hoping to find a few pen pals that I can become close with and have the ability to tell each other many things and hopefully become really good friends! 

You can contact me from anywhere of the following:



Instagram: @aripandolfino

Twitter: @ari_pandolfino

I’m really open to anything! Please contact me if you are interested! Thanks so much!

-Ari xoxo

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