Dear Imalée (did I spell it right)?


I received your lovely postcard today. To be honest, I had forgotten about my inquiry, and I was immersed in my busy senior high school studying habits. Your postcard served as a refresher for me! You really made my day! I needed something different and I’m very grateful that you got time off to send my such a beautiful postcard. It is not old nor vintage, but as you said “maybe if I keep it, it’ll be vintage one day”. 

I just wanted to say thank you, and it’s surprising how little details like yours can make someone’s day brighter. Your altruism at sendind postcards to strangers- you had never heard of me before- is something I look up to. Maybe some day I will also send postcards to random people! For the moment, though, I’ll stick to penpalling. 

It’s okay that you didn’t get to go to pont des arts, it’s kinda tricky to do every activity in Paris, isn’t it? So many things to do!

Well, this is becoming a Bible. Just letting you know that yes, I will keep your postcard and my goal is for it to become vintage. Thanks a lot for your effort. 

I’d be really happy to send you a postcard from Barcelona! So tell me your address if you want a cute postcard in return (I feel like I owe you that at least).

Have a nice day!!


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