My name is Karlyn, but everyone calls me Karly,
I’m going off to college next year and I’m very interested in finding a penpal from another country because I’m planning on studying abroad and maybe if were close by we could maybe meet? I’ve wanted a penpal for a while now, I’m interested in other ways of life and cultures.
I’m from Connecticut,
I’m 18 years old.
I like all kinda of music really it just depends on the kind of mood I’m in.
I watch a decent amount of tv, I like shows like greys anatomy, parks and rec, the office, game of thrones, Borgia, Turn, and more I just can’t think of them currently..
I also enjoy movies, I love anything Disney or animated, I almost always cry during those..I love scary movies, I love ghost movies because those are the ones that truly freak me out, but it’s hard to come around good ones that actually scare me..
likes/loves–I like art, I love museums, I love history. I’m 100% for equal rights. I’m also big on animal rights. I think we should all just be nice to eachother.. Flowers make me happy and so do pictures of pugs all dressed up in clothing.
Dislikes/hate–the feeling of wet clothing on skin. When my hair gets frizzy. Elderly people who call me lazy or tell me to get off my phone. People who try to tell me to change who I am. Bullies, Brussel sprouts, and mean people.
Well I think that sums up everything I could think of at the time being, my email is velvetredcupcakes@yahoo.com and my blog is osnapitskarly
And I also have a game of thrones blog game-of-obsessed (I’m literally in love with game of thrones it’s the best)

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