Name: Priscilla Agina Depari
Age: 17
Country: Indonesia!
Gender: Female
Languages: Indonesia, English, very very veryyy rough Dutch and Germany
Interests/Hobbies: i am a fangirl, hope that explain everything lol.i love to read and sing – like so much.i love animals (dogs and tigers are my favorite), and I really wanted to go abroad.learning new cultures is my new hobby, and write letters is a new hobby too.i am not a very productive teenager so there’s not so many interesting things i have done.but i promise you i’ll write and reply no matter how lazy i am!politics and psycology, i love those two things.
Personal message: i am a proud Christian but i promise you i am an open-minded person.so no matter what religion, what gender just talk to me.i’ve been obsessed (in a good way) with people from another country since i was in Junior High School, so I’d be so happy to have friends from abroad, visit them if its possible!you dont need to have the same common things to me, just talk, we’ll adjust.i am so hungry of language exchange and culture exchange.teach me your culture and language then i’ll learn!i’ll do the same thing too:) there are so many new things you’ll learn from my country, and our beautiful country, Indonesia. ohh, i love music, did i mention that?so, i’ll be so happy if we could share music interest, tell me any songs, i’d love to listen.you’ll know more about me after we talk, so TALK TO ME! 😀
Contact info (email or Tumblr): priscilladepari @ yahoo . com (without spaces, i avoid junk emails)

About the penpal/s I’m looking for-
Countries: anywhere in the world.Netherland would be the best!
Gender: female, male, both okay
Age group: 15 – 25
Languages: mainly english, but anyone who speak Dutch pls pls so I could improve my Dutch skill
Email, snail mail or both: both + skype would be great!
Anything else: i hope you have a beautiful day!

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