Hello hello! My name is Danielle, though all my friends call me Dani, or even Dan. I’m 18, from Michigan, USA. Currently in college, doing per-requisites for Ultrasound tech.

Mainly looking for a pen pal (snail mail yo) with the additional packages once in a while? (I think getting things from different places is rad (whether its a key chain or a big package it’s all good).

Ages: 18-25
Location: Anywhere is cool with me

Likes: Music, books, camping/outdoors, writing, painting, taking pictures (photography I guess but I’m no professional), cooking, anime stuff, netflix, movies.

I’ll just leave the likes at there for now, don’t want to give too much away!

Feel free to send me a message on tumblr or email:
dszlache @ gmail. com

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