Amy.17.England. INFJ

Likes: Writing, Anthropology, History, Travel, Disney, random facts, Harry Potter, Anime, Pokemon, talking far too much about equal rights (particularly LGBTQ+ issues), writing long letters, art, general geekyness, Greek tragedy/myths, and more…

Dislikes: bigotry, pasta…. I can’t think of anything else right now – I’m so positive! (oh the irony) 

I’m hoping to find a snail mail penpal! But maybe start off as an email buddy while we get to know each other a little. I also really like the idea of exchanging vlogs and chatting on skype.

Looking for someone aged 16-20, I don’t mind what gender, but preferably and from the US or Asia.

If you’re interested – ask for my email/chat with me by sending me a message on tumblr!!


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