Hello! My name is Marie, I’m from Denmark and I’m 17 years old. 

I’m pretty open to new people and I try my best to stay happy and optimistic (although it can be difficult at times.. 

I like
reading, watching movies and TV series. 
I’m currently reading the A Song Of Ice And Fire series which is actually really good so I’m on hold on the TV show till I’ve read all of the books.

My favourite movie is
Donnie Darko I think..

I love reading Danish literature such as poems and songs (I’m a sucker for history’s influence on art and literature in my country).

Besides that my favourite animal is a tiger

I don’t really hate anything
.. Besides racists etc..
Currently I want to be a human rights lawyer, a teacher or a politician (I’m really into politics and that might show in some of my statements sometimes..)
I love food (all kinds just not lasagna or spaghetti with meatballs), sleep and a nice long talk about whatever the subject might be.

Oh well all in all I’m I nice person I think? I like to listen to other people, so if you are in it for ranting then that’s no problem! Hopefully you’ll be able to want to read my rants..

I’m kind of looking for a female pen pal, around my age I think? I don’t really care about age.. But I’d like to have a female pen pal.

Contact –  Marie_wieth @ hotmail. com

Oh and I work in a flower shop!

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