Hi, i’m Lisa! I am 19 (will be 20 in August) and I reside in Michigan in the US. {i am the blonde in the picture with my best friend!}

I am currently studying Health and Nutrition at a University. I will be starting Yoga Teacher Training in September and love anything that has to do with fitness and holistic health & wellness.

I am currently reading books on Chakras, Personal Development, and fictional twists on Greek Mythology!

My favorite band is the Killers <3 I favor indie music but still have an ear for all genres. If the song resonates with me then I like it, regardless of the genre.

I will be studying french in the fall so it would be pretty neat to have a pen pal that could teach me a few things! If you don’t speak French then that’s cool too 🙂

I’d like to think I am a very open-minded person. I love meeting new people and am a huge supporter of dreaming big and living the life you imagine. If you are someone who is very inspired, or would like some inspiration in your life, then lets be pen pals!! I love exchanging positive, motivation quotes/books/audios/info, etc.

I am new to this so I would prefer to start out via email and then eventually switch to letter writing (if thats something we are both comfortable with since it is an exchange in addresses).

Gender doesn’t matter to me. I prefer 18+ but if you are younger and would like to be my pen pal then that is great too 🙂

Contact me!

Email: PomPonGirl13@gmail.com
Instagram: Lisa___Wright (3 underscores in between)

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