Name: Michelle

Age: 21

Location: Ontario, Canada

Likes: Diy, cross stitching, writing, drawing, Netflix, cats, napping, back tickles, Parks and Rec, astrology, House, psychology, food. 

Dislikes: There aren’t many! I have a strange aversion to mushrooms, the overly common fear of bugs, and am frightened by storms. That’s about it. 

My name is Michelle and I’ll be headed into my final year of University, studying Psychology and Family and Child studies. I work at a group home for aggression teenage males (lots of great stories), and I’m looking for something to fill my spare time with! 

Looking for: Looking for someone 18+ to connect with! The farther away the better, but really anywhere is fine. I am looking to exchange snail mail, make a new friend, learn more about other countries, and I would love to send you my art (cross stitches, drawings, etc.) and parcels without expecting anything in return! Preferably looking for someone willing to initiate the mail sending, but that can be decided upon later! 

Fun fact: I’m a twin! 



Email: abbottm @ uoguelph . ca 

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