• Name: Jordan
• Age: 17 (18 in July)
• Gender: female
• From: Seattle, WA, USA

• Tumblr URL:

• Likes: writing, Marvel movies, playing guitar (i’m just a beginner), reading, music, going to concerts, the Divergent series, animals, blogging, youtube, playing around with makeup, singing, learning about people/cultures/ideas, Internet friends
• Dislikes: people who have closed minds, people who hate on those that are different than they are

• What I’m Looking For in a Pen Pal: 16+. I’m the least judgmental person you’ll ever meet. I don’t care what your gender/sexuality/religion/etc. is or if you don’t identify with any gender/etc. I just really like snail mail 🙂

• Some Things About Me: I often dye my hair crazy colors (but it’s a neutral color at the moment because prom and graduation are coming up!). I also have 2 tattoos. I’m fortunate enough to travel a lot and I’ve been to places such as Japan, Scotland, England, Germany, Canada, Mexico, etc; therefore, I’ve become interested in all cultures. I’m fascinated by people who live in a different way than I do. Lastly, I’m starting college this year! So it’d be cool to have pen pals because writing often eases my stress.

• Type of Exchange: I’d like to swap e-mails or just message on Tumblr for a tiny bit! Then, snail mail. 🙂 I love the idea of maybe eventually sending postcards or little souvenirs!

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