Spanish Penpal needed!


Hello XP

My name is Gior, I live in England and I am looking to move to Spain by the end of this year, so I need some experience learning some basic Spanish terms. I am quiet unmotivated to learn via a app as I always forget to open the apps I’ve downloaded. 
I thought a great and much nice way to learn would be to actually have conversations with someone and in the process make a friend! X3

I don’t want to tell too much about myself on here otherwise it would ruin the start up contact and getting to know each other, but I will say a few basic things:
I am female, I don’t mind what gender you are!
I’m 18 currently, age doesn’t bother me either.
I don’t mind the format of contact, e-mails or snail mail ( though if you want to contact by snail mail I will include drawings and bits and bobs every once in a while XP )

The only thing I would like is Spanish only conversation, if you feel more comfortable having two letters one in Spanish and the other in English (so that you can understand any of my errors) 

I couldn’t thank you enough if you decide to be my penpal it would mean the world to me!

Contact me on my tumblr via ask-
or on my twitter- (@2disappear)

Thank you very much!

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