My Name is Yaxive. Im a strange 17 year old girl that lives in Los Angeles, California. I am looking for a ( i guess ) “Internet pen pal” someone i can talk to about my interest and get along with it. My method would probably be skype because that would be Uber. I would prefer if our around 16 – 20. I have no other preference besides that,

Here are my interest: 

1. I am an unusual quirky individual

2. I love irony and sarcasm 

3. Although, I cant assure you my favorite authors I love Books. 

4. I like deep conversations about anything. 

5. I spend most of my time inside but i reassure you once you get to know me i am an extrovert at heart introvert by brain

My names is yaxive and im 17 from los angeles california 

please add they can contact me at skype : yaxive.cortez 

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