Hi! I’m McKaela, I’m a 16 year old American girl but I live in Japan so yeah, and no I don’t speak Japanese (sorry).

Likes: I’m really into art/photography even though I’m still a total amateur, and I’m especially into animation and am trying to teach myself how to do all that (and totally failing). I also love music, especially indie but I listen to all sorts of stuff (my fave bands are Imagine Dragons, Daughter, and Mumford & Sons) and I’m like low-key obsessed with a bunch of movies/tv shows like Harry Potter, Sense8, Gravity Falls, and a bunch of others.  I really love other cultures too, especially Native American and African but pretty much any culture that’s not my own I’ll want to hear about

Dislikes: negativity and deep water


  • I wanna meet people around my own age (15-20ish?) that I can talk to and be friends with because I don’t actually have any friends and I’d like to change that
  • No preferences in terms of countries, gender, or anything like that
  • I’m looking to share emails, snapchat, tumblrs, practically any of those social media type things 
  • I’m cool to do snail mail if you want but it’s not my first choice
  • It’d be pretty cool if you were from Arizona or Oregon ‘cause that’s where I’m thinking of going to college but it’s definitely not a requirement

my email: raeisasleep @ gmail .com

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