A slightly eccentric request


Hi, so I’m Tanya, I’m Indian, and I turn 17 this year. I shuttle between India and Singapore a bit, having started this year, and I will be spending most of my holidays in Singapore if not all.

I’m a student of the IB Diploma Programme, and I will be heading over to Singapore for my internship and summer break. 

I’m desperately looking for a Penpal I would be able to meet on occasion over the course of my break, as I know nobody here, which would also help me bridge a few cultural gaps. I understand that this is odd, and is also why I’m not making a detailed lengthy post right now, 

but to anybody that’s interested please do hit me up on my tumblr (t4ntrik.tumblr.com/
or personal email: tanyhi @ gmail.com

I’m open to meeting anybody above the age of 16
, male or female, but definitely a resident of Singapore, even if for a couple of months.
I’m so sorry for the brief and hurried ad. Nonetheless I’m looking forward to great responses! 🙂

(P.s: there is literally one thing, I cannot stand, and it is anime/manga, everything else I’m open to)

Thank you, Tanya =D

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