I really would love to have a pen pal! I have always wanted one, but never knew how. I have researched and researched. Finally I have found this. And I’m so excited!! I just would love to be pen pals with anyone. I am not a very girly girl, but I can dress up and be a Barbie if needed. I love to play soccer and shoot bows. Also I love spending time outdoors and racing. Lots of members in my family races different things, such as stock cars, motorcycles and four-wheelers! It’s very exciting and I would love to share all my interest and excitement with a pen pal! I am not judge mental at all. And have been through a lot In my life. Some things very difficult for me. I would love to have someone I could share with an maybe encourage them. So just email me if you would like to be my penal!! Any age and gender is perfectly okay. deseraetucker5

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