Hey guys! My name is Taylor Nicole and I’m 17 years old. I’m looking for a pen pal that I can send letters, cute trinkets, artwork, and small things like tea and things from my country (as well as receive). I’m from Central Canada and I love animals and nature. You can usually find me exploring my city and going on walks or hikes. I am an open book and love sharing things about my life, as well as give advice or lend an ear whenever needed. I’m vegetarian and being cruelty-free is important to me. I’m open to having friendships with people 16-19. If you’re against feminism, body modification (I have a large tattoo and my earlobes are stretched) or LGBTQ community I’m sorry but I don’t think we would get along. My favourite bands are Arctic Monkeys, City and Colour, CHVRCHES, MAGIC!, The 1975, and Banks. Bates Motel and Criminal Minds are my favourite shows. I love being creative and India ink is my favourite medium. I express myself through fashion and paper, I also dye my hair ALOT! Right now it’s a dark brown. Feel free to message me on here (my url is str4wberryswing) or email me at goaliegirl1497

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