Name: Matt S.

Age: 21

Location: Illinois, USA

Interests: I enjoy trying all different kinds of beer, playing video and board games, cooking and trying out many different recipes, talking about space, learning things about people and their culture and lives, reading books, watching movies, and doing things outdoors!
Disinterests: Ignorance, closed minds, ketchup

Looking For: Anyone that wants to talk about anything and everything. Someone who just wants to talk to somebody new. I never discriminate, so any gender, age, ethnicity, and/or sexual orientation are welcome. I have never had a pen pal, so I am completely new to this! I am looking for someone who speaks and writes English (well enough to understand). Snail mail is not required, but maybe at some point 🙂 

Contact Info: My Tumblr (
or my email (mattstickrod @ yahoo(dot) com)

Fun Fact: I have seen LotR so many times, I can recite the entire movie trilogy!

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