Skype Hang Out Person! / Study Pal!


My name is Chris, I’m 18, from Ireland, and I used to look for penpals, but that’s not my main focus this time. Instead, I’m looking for non commital skype sessions to cheer me up as a stress reliever in my final year of school. 

When I say non commital, I mean possibly not regular, but the friendship would be commital. I’d like to talk to females or anyone who identifies on the female side of things, between 16 and 24, but ideally the older the better. And by that I mean I like mature personalities. Anyways I’m rambling :o. So here’s what I want to do. I’d like to kik first, just as an introduction, and for us to swap selfies. Your appearance doesnt matter at all, but Skyping is hard enough without knowing who you’re skyping. Cool? Cool. Also,  I may want us to just cam and type without speaking aloud if I’m studying etc.. Anyways, you can get to know all about me on skype! The whole point of this is just for fun, all going well we’ll be laughing our heads off! 😀 I’m laid back. I’m really looking forward to meeting awesome people, so please dont be shy, dont just like the post, send me a message ^^ 

Without any further ado, My kik is StraightTalker__33, and thats with two underscores

You can follow my Tumblr if you want but I dont intend to communicate much on it at all.

It’s 🙂

Ciao awesomers 😀

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