Name: Camerin or Sam (whichever you prefer really)

Age: 17

Location: California, USA

Likes: diy, lemonade, photography, astrology, punk/ska/indie/rock music, writing, vinyl records, polaroids, crafts, skateboardingnature, camping, flowers, antiques, quartz, chokers, feminismparanormal, traveling, supernatural, fashion

So there is a lot to know about me, but I will save all the little details for when we actually get to know each other haha. My real name is Camerin but I have adopted the name Sam. I am genderfluid and pansexual, I switch back and forth from she/her to he/his pronouns depending on how I feel. Anyways, I am a very open minded person and love to talk about serious topics or things I am passionate about, yet I also joke a lot and can be very sassy, you have been warned. I am an animal lover and art lover, I’d love to hear about any o your pets and/or about any sort of art you love to do or are passionate about (: 

To make the introduction easier for those that are interested, tell me about your favourite band(s). Whats your favourite colour? Anything surprising fact about you that I should know? A passion you have? Anything you collect? 

I am looking for penpals and/or skype buddies, also I am a very artsy person so I think it would be cool to exchange art every once n’ a while. I would prefer ages 16-22, but if you’re a rad and open minded person I really won’t mind. I don’t mind talking on here to get to know each other first before skype/snail-mail , I’d prefer to get to know you (:

Contact: Tumblr:   
Email: cammybones @ yahoo . com

(If you are interested in skype then please feel free to ask for my username)

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