Name: Hi! My name is Taylor
Age: I’m 15
Country: From the United States
Gender: Female
Languages: English and a little French
Interests/Hobbies: Doctor Who, Sherlock, Merlin, Supernatural, Netflix, Reading, Baking, swimming
Personal message: I’ve always wanted a pen pal! My mother had several growing up and she always said it was a lot of fun.
Contact info (email or Tumblr): my email is
About the penpal/s I’m looking for- Anyone really. I’d love to talk to someone who shares my interests
Countries: I don’t care what country as long as you speak English (I can’t write anything else). Though if prefer someone outside of the U.S. The U.S is still okay though

Gender: male or female
Age group: 13-18
Languages: English
Email, snail mail or both: email first then snail mail
Anything else:

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