Open to be email friends or exchange snail mai


Hello! My name is Lauren, I am 20 years old from the South East of England.

I’ve got a few pen pals at the minute but i would love to talk to more people! I am completely open to be email friends or exchange snail mail and exchange packages from time to time with anyone and everyone, i’m open to talking to people from anywhere in the world.

I guess i should include a little about me: I love to read, to listen to music. I love animals, i have one cat but i’ve had a variety of animals over the years. I love to bake, and then eat anything i’ve baked. I would seriously love to be able to dance well but i was given the gift of having two left feet and the ability to trip over air.

I can’t think of anything else to say, but i hope that someone out there finds what i’ve written semi-interesting and decides to contact me.

You can contact me through my tumblr:
Or you can contact me at my email address:
l-fox2011 @

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